Telling a story

I recently finished the wonderful Freakonomics book which, in my 2006 revised edition, came with a bunch of blog posts from the Freakonomics blog. And, my friend, it’s been a revelation: I really enjoied Lewitt and Dubner blog style: they don’t write posts, they tell stories instead (I just subscribed to their feed, by the way).

And here from my decision; I want to start telling stories instead of reporting facts, I want a major personal commitment to my Yellow Line blog: I’ll start with a mandatory Post Day a week, based on Friday evening (CET) and look where it’ll take me from there; I won’t romance facts, I’ll just try to write in a more compelling way; what I want is a blog I’ll enjoy to re-read, instead that a blog I just enjoy writing for.

You, my loyal readers, will be my judges.

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