Healthier Life

An healthier life for Matteo

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (Healthy mind in healthy body) said the Latins: it’s a couple of weeks I decided to stop the progressive enfatment of my body; my “a slimmer Matteo” project is formed by two different tasks:

  1. Gym at the club (at least twice per week)
  2. Reduced fat insertion

The first point is really tough. During work days I have a 9-8 work schedule which leaves really tiny spaces for everything else then family; I managed this with an anticipated office entry at 8.40 on Wednesday (which syncronizes with my needs to buy car parking weekly ticket right on that day) quitting the office at 6pm (this often needs some meeting scheduling magics my side): I’m at the fitness club at 7pm and 8.30 pm I’m entering home. Bright.

Point two requires less time management but a whole lot more mind (and stomach) management. I love food at least as much as I love sex, thus you kind imagine how it could be difficult to say “no thanks, I’m ok”; I’ve also been educated to think abou myself as one of the winners of the biological lottery which made possible for me to live in the “right” part of the world, so I really dislike leaving food in the dish. Sum this with the fact that, at least one or two times a week I have job lunches/dinners where the quality and quantity raise their pick and you should have a clearer view.
I’ve been able to limit the fat insertion by choosing to drink one glass of wine each day as a maximum and preferring low fat foods like chicken or vegetables (it’s hard my friends, it’s REALLY hard).

Starting last week I’m tracking my wheight using google docs: you can take a look at my progress here (an RSS feed is available to those of you who really want to be ALWAYS updated). I’m tracking fitness club usage and business lunches too to evaluate whether or not they influence my wheight loss.

Your support would really be appreciated. :-)

Credits: shot by Abdullah AL-Naser (Abraaj)

Update: Given the fact I haven’t received any support from you, my dear reader, :-) I’d like to point you out that today, October 17, 2007 my weight is more or less 76,5 Kilos; (see graph) which is 4,5 Kilos less then my weight ath the time I started this post and 7 Kilos (!!) less the weight I had after summer vacations.

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