UXnet and the World Usability Day

As many of you probably know I am the UXnet ambassador for Milan, which actually means it’s my job to create connections between companies and the UX community, UX professionals and UX associations and son on.

In this continuing effort I decided to volunteer for the organization of the UPA World Usability Day at a global level becoming one of the UXnet provided Regional Liasons.

Since there’re just two of us in EU I’ve had the chance to get in touch with a whole lot of UX people from a lot of countries: UK, Spain, Belgium, Poland, France, and the list might continue… it’s been a WONDERFUL experience.

UXnet also recently welcomed Michele Visciola as ambassador for Turin and Rome. Michele also happens to be the President of the Italian UPA chapter and the organizer of the Italian WUD event in Milan (here’s the program and a list of speakers in English).

I think there shouldn’t be a better chance to talk about UXnet; yours truly has been invited for a short (short short short :-) ) talk about our community. See you there.

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