Mobup in Sun headquarters

Being in Sun is probably something like being near the gotha of Java, you can thus imagine our happiness when we were invited to join the guys from the Java Mobile Developers Forum this morning for a day packed with great presentations (albeit I was forced to leave the seminar just after lunch, damn).
Note: I’ll have to carefully follow the operations behind the launch of Handango Italy: its 19 yrs old country manager is really unusual fir this country but looks really prepared.

We showcased Mobup; well probably I’d say I just introduced the philosophy behind Mobup while Vincenzo took the listeners down to the source code for the rest of the speech. But we talked to programmers and programmers’ stuff was their bread.

I’d really like to thank Edoardo Schepis from SUN/JMDF for the opportunity and the friendly atmosphere we found (mad props go to Stefano Sanna, probably the greatest of our new – shall I say – friends)

While waiting for Edoardo’s photos you can take a look at some of the shots we mobupped at the beginning of the seminar.”

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